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Cable Plowing & Duct Pulling
Leeb Underground, Inc. Services
Compaction & Hydra Boring
Directional Drilling
Using one of our five vibratory plow machines we can place services from direct bury cable to 1 1/4" inner duct from 6-24" in depth.  This bury technique leaves very little disturbance to the terrain when complete.
​Our vibratory plows are equipped with hydra bore rods to accomadate short bores of 50' or less and 12-36" in depth.  These crews are also able to do compaction boring using a hole hog when needed.  This method allows us to be versatile when both boring and plowing is needed at the same job site.  Therefore, we are efficient in maximizing productivity and customer satisfaction by completing our jobs in a timely fashion.
Leeb Underground, Inc. operates a Ditch Witch JT 20/20, a Ditch Witch JT922 and two Ditch Witch JT520 directional drills.  These drills are small and compact which enables us to work on job sites that have minimal operating space.  The drilling capabilities of these machines allow us to pull back up to 4" conduit on irrigated and extensively landscaped yards, small creeks, driveways, parking lots and right of ways.   We can drill out in increments of 600' at a time.  Use of the directional drill is important in instances where obstacles make the use of a vibratory plow impossible.